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Phuket Island has a lot of beaches, but each beach has its particular style, particularcharacteristics and own animation. At the south-west coast you can find one of the most beautiful beaches of the island (Nai Harn, Kata, Karon).

At the north-west of the island such as Nai Yang and Mai Kao Beach you find more romantic ones, real heaven far away from the crowded. Between the two mentioned spots there are still some other quiet sites like Kamala, not far away from Patong Beach well known for its night live where on can find all kinds of distraction and activities.

Islands around Phuket Thailand

Coral Island

Coral Island is situated at 8 kilometers of the south-east coast of Phuket and is by this the nearest and ideal spot for free diving lovers. The island is surrounded by colorful coral rifs (from there its name Coral Island).

There are two beaches with fine white sand, but unfortunately there are hotels and restaurants too to receive the hundreds of daily visitors brought there by tour operators. At the other side of the island there are still some nice and quiet bays. The shadow of this, is that the coral reefs are more and more degradated by free diving. Still the coral is fantastic and a good spot for beginners.

Maiton Island

This island, situated at 9 kilometers south of Phuket is completely occupied by the Maiton Island Resort Hotel. No one excursion for the day is organizes to this island, but if you dream of an isolated site plenty of natural beauty for yourself or for lovers, well than it's an ideal destination

Racha (Raya) Islands

Racha Islands (or Raya) are situated 14 kilometers completely south of Phuket Island. Racha Island, the biggest and nearest to Phuket has two beaches, a new hotel, some resorts (bungalows) and restaurants. This island is surrounded by beautiful multi color coral bancs and is by this a wonderful destination for debutant scuba divers or for an organized day trip offered by any tour agencies. At the inner side of Racha Yai the green hills and the coconut plantations offer a fine cadre for a walk or simply to admire the still unspoiled landscape.

The second island, Rach Noi, more south is not habitated and has only one small white sand beach. Diving between Racha Yai and Noi is normally excellent. But this site is only recommended for experienced divers, because in low season because of very strong currants. The trip from Phuket to the island takes about 40 minutes by speedboat or something more than one hour by Thai long-tailed boat.

Rang Yai Island

The island of Rang is situated 6 kilometers east of Phuket island and is remarkable quiet and beautiful thanks to a splendid beach. Rang Island is excellent for a half or full day excursion. You can visit a pearl farm and observe the harvest of the pearls.

This island is well known for its pearl farm because of the excellent conditions for the culture of pearl oysters. Beside there are other activities possible, such as kayak, surfing, mountain bike, Everything available all day for the lovers of sports and adventure. There is also a restaurant serving Thai and international food.

Koh Khai Nok

Khai Island is rather small and isolated. Only organized day or half day trip visitors come here. This island possesses a magnificent coral banc rich of submarine live and is by this a fantastic destination for free diving. Nobody is living on the island that is surrounded by a nice white sand beach. It's a superb destination for a fine day relax.

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Attractions in Phuket, Thailand
Forests, Parks, Temples and Historical Places

Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

The National Park of Khao Phra Thaeo , 22 square kilometers is the last significant real forest on Phuket. The park invites you in the daytime or early evening for a walk along the waterfall. If you like you also can take a 8 kilometers long walk through this forest to observe trees and plants and maybe with a little luck you see some wild live. There is a small museum too and also a information center at the foot of the waterfall where they can answer your questions regarding fauna and flora. .

Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre

In Thailand the population of wild gibbons has suffered terrible because of pouching baby gibbons. The poor animals are sold illegal as house pets beside the domesticated ones for tourism and whom are later abandoned or even killed when they become aggressive and dangerous once adult. The project situated close to the Bang Phae waterfall in Khao Phra Thaeo National Park , try to save those abandoned gibbons and to learn to know them to live in their natural environment. You can help the Rehabilitation Project by buying a T-shirt or a donation and inn the mean time you enjoy the National Park.

Laem Promthep Viewpoint

Laem Promthep panorama view point on Phuket is very appreciated by the tourists and the lovers of superb sunsets. A lot of tour agents organize their a stop during the day or early evening. A time ago the villagers called this view point ‘Leam Jao' or Cape of the Gods'. This view point gives almost a 360 degrees over the sea south of Phuket island. It inspires rest and calm to the visitors whom by clear weather even can see the Phi Phi Islands and even the province of Phang Nga

Butterfly Garden and Aquarium

The butterfly farm was erected so that you can see different species busy to eat on different plants and flowers in full freedom. You'll find also educative illustrations regarding birth of these magnificent creatures and their vital role in our environment beside an important collection of tropical insects from the Phuket forests. Some specimens are rare.

Thai Village & Orchid Garden

The village offers you a show of the Southern Thai culture: classic and folkloric dances, bamboo handling, sabre fighting as martial art, Thai boxing and to end a traditional Thai wedding. The whole representation is executed in traditional dress. After a demonstration of tin mining, than of latex and the transformation into rubber.

The show ends in open air arena where elephants manipulate enormous trunks of teak wood. By the entrance crafts men show you how they make the typical handicrafts of the southern provinces of Thailand . At the mean entrance you'll find a green house with about 40,000 splendid orchids for sale and exportation.

Marine Biological Research Centre

At the Biologic Marine Research Center (Known as Aquarium too) you can see a nice variety of sweet and salt water fish. Thai researchers breed here young marine turtles born in incubator. Later they release the turtles into the sea to save a almost disapered specie. They also study the coral bancs eco system and other projects. This is one of the most important centers inn the country.

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Historical and Cultural Sites

Old Chinatown

Walking through the heart of Phuket Town you'll find ‘ China Town '. At Krabi-Thalang Road and at the Dibuk Restaurant you can appreciate the essential of heritage of the Chinese-Portugese style of building. The houses are covert by ceramic tiles in all kind of colors and the walls decorated with traditional motifs.

Thai Temples

Wat Chalong

The Chalong Temple , a few kilometers behind the beach of Chalong is the most well known Buddhist temple in Phuket. Inside you find the statues of Luang Pho Chaem and Luang Pho Chuang, the most venerated monks in Phuket.

The two other well know temples are Wat Phra Thong or temple of the Golden Buddha and Wat Phranangsang build on order of a Royal Princess. Both temples are situated in Thalang the first capital of the island. Wat Phra Thong is well known for its Buddha statue half underground, only the torso and the head are visual. By the legend anyone whom try to free the statue will die. Wat Phranangsang is the second oldest temple in Phuket and is known because it was the meeting point of the two heroines worriers ‘Chan and Mouk' and the women whom kicked out the Burmese from the island.

Big Boudha

Big Buddha is a new touristic attraction in Phuket. Place of worship for the Buddhists, this majestic representation of Buddha is located at 400 meters from the ocean. Dominating the Bay of Chalong, Kata and Andaman Sea.
Its size is about 45 meters high and built on a base of 25 meters of diameter. This Buddhist Shrine is dedicated to the King Bhumibol and covered of 135 tons of white marble from Burma.

Its origin dates back from 10 years when 2 friends walking at the top of the Nagakerd Mountain realized the magnificence of the fantastic unimpeded view. That’s why they thought of building one monument to become the new point of meeting for Buddhists and tourists.

Construction began in 2006, entirely financed by local and travelers of the whole world donators. The site is still under construction and should be done around the year 2015. Visitors have the opportunity to engrave their name on a marble plate which will be used then for Buddha’s construction.

On the site you will find a second statue of Buddha (called Brass Buddha). This little one is dedicated to the Queen Sirikit, done of yellow brass and its size is about 12 meters. In the surroundings area, tourists will enjoy the amazing 7 hectares of forest, few souvenirs and pictures about the evolution of the building of Big Buddha.

Approximately 500 meters down of the splendid statue, a restaurant will suggest you a large choice of Thai specialties. You will enjoy a delicious dish, with full of savors and exoticism.


Phuket Sea Shell Museum

Phuket Shell Museum is open daily at office hours and has the biggest collection in Phuket. Its an ideal place to buy a present.

Phuket Rare Stones Museum

At the Rare Stones Museum situated at 58/34 Thepkasatree Road ( about 700 meters of the Super Cheap Store) you will find all the rare stones of Thailand and you'll be surprised how many there are!

Thalang National Museum

In the National Museum of Phuket you find ancient handicraft objects as part of the history of Phuket and details of the famous Battle of Thalang where the two heroines defeated the Birmese in the 18 th century. You also find in the museum information regarding daily life in Phuket and the culture of the Sea Gypsies or Moken. The museum is daily open except on holidays from 08.30 until 16.00 hrs. The museum is situated east of the Two Heroines monument on Pa Khlok Road .

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Beyond Phuket

Phang Nga Province

To the North of Phuket Island you cross the Sarassin bridge to reach the province of Phang Nga where you can visit Khao Lak or furtheron to the East (direction Surrathani) you will discover the National Park of Khao Sok .

Daily excursions are organized in this Park and regions. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is out of discussion one of the most beautiful bays in the whole world. The panoramas are breath taken. This excursion is an absolute Must during your stay in Phuket. Around the bay is a complex zone of deltas, mangrove and Nipa palmtrees whom growing even just at the border of the sea.

Khao Lak

Situated on the continent in the province of Phang Nga , and just North of Phuket, Khao Lak became a site very appreciated by the tourists. In this region are 3 national parks and offers the lovers of nature idyllic views of virgin beaches, hills, mountains and forested valleys. Excursions are daily organized including elephant riding, rafting, kayak tours on the rivers, etc.

Phi Phi Islands

A travel to the Phi Phi Islands is a must too because the beaches are so marvelous. Phi Phi Don, the biggest island, has its reputation because of 9 fantastic creeks with powder-fine white sand and magnificent coral banks in crystal clear warm water.

The small group of habitants live in a small fisher village, now more and more hidden behind hotels and resorts. Visit the Phi Phi Islands on a one day trip or even beter, stay over night.

Outlying islands

In front of Phuket island are a lot of small islands you can visit by hiring a local boat, a speedboat ore organized. The organized excursions normally include lunch, hotel transferts, the use of dive equipment (snorkeling) and the entrance fee for the national parks.

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